My Bunnymoon (Part Two)

(we pick up our story halfway through the author’s wedding reception 25 years ago) So there I was… awkwardly stuffing dollar bills into a middle-aged woman’s waistband in a feeble attempt to coax her down from the table she was dancing on at my reception because that’s how they roll in Northwest Ohio. Other than … Read moreMy Bunnymoon (Part Two)

A Firecracker of a Story

So there I was, wearily walking into my kitchen on the morning of July 5. I was recovering from a busy family-filled weekend of celebrating our nation’s independence and my nephew’s seventh birthday party. Looking for a place to rest my cereal bowl, I couldn’t help noticing how strange my teenage son Daniel’s brand new … Read moreA Firecracker of a Story

Cargo Pants – What a Batman Would Wear

I have had arguments with friends about the validity of Batman being considered a superhero. He has no superpowers, but the one thing the Caped Crusader always is is prepared. One of my favorite lines from the Michael Keaton Batman movie is when the Joker says, “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” And it’s … Read moreCargo Pants – What a Batman Would Wear

More Than Trailers and Tickets

It’s easy to restrict a movie to the big screen. But why would you? One of the things that we have come to enjoy about the movies is the full landscape that unfolds before our very eyes. The intriguing characters, the setting, the story line – each of these becomes a player and a means … Read moreMore Than Trailers and Tickets