About Us

solo_jasonSo there I was… usually this phrase means a story is coming, but this one is just about me. My name is Jason ElRite, and I’ll be one of your narrators as we watch the world from the greatest seats in the house. Sometimes the best action doesn’t occur on stage, it’s in the reactions from the audience. That communal experience of strangers in the dark watching the story unfold on stage is one we humans have shared since the dawn of time. The way we get the tale may change, but the underlying truth remains. Well, the house lights are starting to dim, so let me be brief. I welcome you to our page, I hope you enjoy your time here, and look forward to our conversations together. My twitter handle is @deadturkeyblogsolo_alvin

Think of us as the modern Statler and Waldorf, but better looking…and not muppets.  I am the straight man to the comedic genius that is Jason ElRite.  He tells the jokes and I get all the popcorn.  My name is Creed Anthony and it is a pleasure, and an honor, to welcome you to the chaotic stage that displays our thoughts and experiences.  Unlike the theater, we welcome the use of flash photography and an interactive experience with the audience.  Okay, Jason is telling me to shut up.  Enjoy the show and bring a friend. My twitter handle is @acjlist