More Than Trailers and Tickets

It’s easy to restrict a movie to the big screen. But why would you? One of the things that we have come to enjoy about the movies is the full landscape that unfolds before our very eyes. The intriguing characters, the setting, the story line – each of these becomes a player and a means of entertainment.

I remember as a kid going to see all of the Karate Kid movies. When the lights came on, the movie wasn’t over. I was Daniel Larusso. I was training with (an imaginary) Mr. Miyagi in my backyard. I practiced my punches, kicks, and (most importantly) my crane.

You know what made it real? When I fashioned together my own headband just like the one Daniel wore in the movie. I remember cutting an old undershirt and then using a permanent marker to make the flower and all the dots that were a part of the design.

I also remember that I permanently stained our oak colored telephone table when the market bled through the shirt, but that is a tale for another day.

The point? The prop made it real. It added to the experience. That movie stayed with me for years – actually I might still “wax the car” and “paint the fence”.

Now as a parent I hope to provide the same experiences for my children. Yes, the toys are fun, but there are additional experiences that they can have. My kids like watching movie trailers, making crafts, and other activities that allow them to role play as their favorite characters on screen.

And now we have found a fun place for all of this – Fandango Family.


Fandango Family allows us to watch trailers, buy tickets, find crafts or activities related to some films, read reviews, and learn about films that my family might enjoy. There are fun guides, polls, and quizzes. Fandango Family is much more than a place to buy tickets. It is part of the movie going experience.

So what will be your child’s Karate Kid? Is it the new Cinderella? Or the movie Home? Check out the Fandango Family page and find out. And don’t forget to Like them on Facebook.

Disclosure: While I was not compensated for this post, Fandango did donate 2 gift cards to be randomly given to two of my colleagues. My words and thoughts are my own.

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