A Firecracker of a Story

So there I was, wearily walking into my kitchen on the morning of July 5. I was recovering from a busy family-filled weekend of celebrating our nation’s independence and my nephew’s seventh birthday party. Looking for a place to rest my cereal bowl, I couldn’t help noticing how strange my teenage son Daniel’s brand new … Read moreA Firecracker of a Story

Life Coaching Your Kids

If you’re a parent, you’re a life coach to your kids How do you inspire your kids to challenge themselves? What do you do? If you’re a parent, you’re a life coach to your child. Your job is to teach them to make good life choices. From family life, friendships to school and sport activities. … Read moreLife Coaching Your Kids

Hello World…A First Post About Me And My Family

Hello! My name is Leilan, AKA BgKahuna. I’m a dad to two fantastic children and an awesome wife. The Monkey, AKA MaM, is nine year old and The Fox, AKA AFM, is six. There’s also my wife of 14 years, AKA Gotchababy. These are the main cast of characters in my life. Yes, cast of … Read moreHello World…A First Post About Me And My Family

“Your Life” – Emphasis needed

I sure wish someone would tell me when parenting becomes easier.  I really thought once my kids could complete the whole going-to-bed cycle themselves, I was pretty much in the clear. Yet, every age seems to bring with it a fresh set of anxiety-ridden angst. For example, my oldest son Jack is a freshman in college. He … Read more“Your Life” – Emphasis needed