We are The Walking Dead

So there I was in the crowded food court of my local mall when I noticed something strange. I couldn’t hear anyone talking. I glanced quickly left and right to see if there was some sort of hostage situation taking place. Everything appeared normal except the only sounds I could make out were people’s shoes … Read moreWe are The Walking Dead

The Revenant – A Film Review

As a young man growing up in Northern Michigan, I once had the misfortune of crashing through some thin ice on a canal that ran through my hometown (ironically, I was trying to warn my younger brother away from a place I thought had thinner ice). I sank down to my armpits into arctic water, … Read moreThe Revenant – A Film Review

The Force Awoke and I Felt It – 3 Times

I am a blog ambassador for Fandango Family. I have been compensated for this post and received free admission to this movie (and several others). My thoughts, words, and popcorn are all my own.    I have been waiting for Star Wars The Force Awakens to happen for some time. Truthfully, it is part of … Read moreThe Force Awoke and I Felt It – 3 Times

Concussion – A Film Review

This film left me in a pretty serious quandary: to wit, will I still watch my MSU Spartans play Alabama in their college football playoff game after Will Smith explained to me the dire consequences of participation in that sport? Based on the true story of Dr. Bennet Omalu, a former pathologist for Allegheny County, … Read moreConcussion – A Film Review

Daddy’s Home – Film Review

First and foremost, let me get this off my chest. I hate Will Ferrell. With the exception of the first Anchorman, where he benefited mightily from a great ensemble cast, I’ve never found him to be even accidentally funny. His lazy attitude towards comedy, his complete lack of timing, and his unshakable belief that a … Read moreDaddy’s Home – Film Review

The Truth – from A Certain Point of View: A Star Wars Theory.

I have tried really hard to avoid Star Wars spoilers. I’ve watched the trailers, but I have pretty much avoided everything else. And then Luke was absent from the movie poster. “Who’s more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?” I already have my tickets purchased. Yes, I’m that guy. No, I didn’t … Read moreThe Truth – from A Certain Point of View: A Star Wars Theory.

A Not-So-Magic School Bus Ride

With summer slowly coming to an end, my social media pages are filling up with photos of parents escorting their children onto buses as they start their first day of school. Unlike their teenage brethren, the little ones invariably have huge smiles on their faces while the parents try to hide their anxiety as they usher … Read moreA Not-So-Magic School Bus Ride

7 Thoughts Too Big to Tweet and Too Small to Blog 3.1

I was watching the sun set last night when a thought came unbidden to mind. It occurred to me that at precisely the same moment, somewhere in the world, a person I never met was looking at the exact same sun; only to him, it was rising. I guess I was always aware of this fact, … Read more7 Thoughts Too Big to Tweet and Too Small to Blog 3.1