A Firecracker of a Story

So there I was, wearily walking into my kitchen on the morning of July 5. I was recovering from a busy family-filled weekend of celebrating our nation’s independence and my nephew’s seventh birthday party. Looking for a place to rest my cereal bowl, I couldn’t help noticing how strange my teenage son Daniel’s brand new … Read moreA Firecracker of a Story

A Long Ride Home

It’s 3:23 in the morning. My family and I are making our way home from the airport. A few short hours ago, we were all in California saying goodbye to our close relatives after an extended visit; now, we’re back in Indianapolis. A light rain, just enough to make me turn on the wipers, is … Read moreA Long Ride Home

Living On (and Over) the Edge

So there I was… at the magical age of seven and on the roof of my garage, peering over the side and wondering if I could jump off and survive when my brother provided me with the answer – in the most direct way possible. Growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the odds that any … Read moreLiving On (and Over) the Edge