Camp Unbroken

So there I was… face-to-face with a potentially homicidal maniac who was for the moment held captive in a steel cage that from the looks of it wouldn’t hold him back long. From past horrific experiences, I knew what he was capable of, but I had been tasked by my superiors with returning him to quarters. … Read moreCamp Unbroken

The Dragon Wagon

Now that I’m firmly entrenched in my middle age years, I feel strongly that it is my right, nay, my duty, to point out at every opportunity exactly what’s wrong with young people today. This time the focus is on their cars. As I look around at what these whippersnappers are cruising around in, I … Read moreThe Dragon Wagon

Two Extremes Tuesday

So there I was on a bitterly cold Tuesday morning in February. It was just like the beginning of any other work day. Except, by the time I’m done with my commute, I will be nearly blinded by incomprehensible rage. To be truthful, the whole thing really started about two weeks before when my wife … Read moreTwo Extremes Tuesday

Tears of a Clown: My Thoughts on Robin Williams

My first exposure to Robin Williams was his big break – Mork & Mindy. I remember laughing because of the physical humor. I remember laughing because he made funny voices. I remember wanting rainbow suspenders. I remember identifying with Mork who always seemed out of place, and slightly out of touch, because he was an … Read moreTears of a Clown: My Thoughts on Robin Williams

A Long Ride Home

It’s 3:23 in the morning. My family and I are making our way home from the airport. A few short hours ago, we were all in California saying goodbye to our close relatives after an extended visit; now, we’re back in Indianapolis. A light rain, just enough to make me turn on the wipers, is … Read moreA Long Ride Home

All in the casting.

My daughter is no idiot. This bodes well for me when she starts dating. This doesn’t bode well for me in the meantime because she asks a lot of good questions. Hard questions. However, sometimes she removes me entirely from the equation and makes statements, sometimes astute observations, about the world that she has determined … Read moreAll in the casting.

My Random Act of Kindness

His eyes still haunt me. Who is he? I don’t know, but I’ll get to that in a minute. A high schoolmate of mine, Ricky Smith, has started a revolution. His movement #R.A.K.E. stands for – Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere. He has literally traveled the country doing acts of kindness for random people. Things … Read moreMy Random Act of Kindness

Yes? No? Maybe?….

Valentine’s Day. I have many memories of Valentine’s Day and few of them are pleasant. I remember opening the traditional cardboard box of valentine cards, I usually got the superheroes or funny comics, and it was a painstaking, dilemma filled, gut wrenching, anguishing process to decide who got what valentine. Similar to the “War Room” … Read moreYes? No? Maybe?….

Parenting advice you might be missing…

There is a struggle in parenthood that they don’t publicize. Few people talk about this phenomena – maybe because they are struggling with it as well. But it is real, my friends. It is real, and it is time that we pay it the attention it is due. I don’t know if it has a … Read moreParenting advice you might be missing…