Hello World…A First Post About Me And My Family

Hello World…A First Post About Me And My Family

The Kahuna's
The Kahuna’s

Hello! My name is Leilan, AKA BgKahuna. I’m a dad to two fantastic children and an awesome wife. The Monkey, AKA MaM, is nine year old and The Fox, AKA AFM, is six. There’s also my wife of 14 years, AKA Gotchababy. These are the main cast of characters in my life. Yes, cast of characters. Because let’s face it, life is a giant stage play with various different acts.

About me? I am a “regional internet celebrity” which is a fancy way of saying I have more than 500 Twitter followers and popular in seven zip codes. One thing I enjoy to do out side of family time is making people laugh. Before The Fox was born, I was in a national dance contest hosted by Hallmark. One overweight comedian competed against three other dancing dads for five thousand dollars. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see how that ended. I came in fifth out of four. I suck at dancing that much. I’m a comedian, not a dancer.

For money, I work as a project manager for The Corporation. It’s not that funny, so I don’t really talk about it. My job is fun and exciting to me, but it’s probably really boring to everyone else. I work with numbers and analyze data. On top of that I manage some disaster recovery finance. I help pay vendors for work done during storms.

The Monkey and The Fox both attend the same school. I am lucky to be able to spend time with them by dropping the kids off every morning. The Monkey is active in gymnastics. She also likes to bother her younger brother and play Minecraft. The Fox also likes bothering his sister. He is a fan of Minecraft and Just Dance. The Fox, like his father, does not have the gift of dance. Maybe one day, but that day is not now. The kids love to swim and play outside. We take frequent after school trips to are parks. I’ll be writing a segment this summer about the different parks we visit. Both kids are involved in scouting and the Math Pentathlon. I am the assistant Cubmaster with the Cub Scouts and an assistant math coach for the first grade. GO MATH!

Gotchababy, is a blogger who writes about family activities in Indiana. Her work can be see at gotchababy.com. For money, she works for a web development company where she provides Adword and SEO support. She loves to travel and drink coffee. We have been married for a long time. Contact her on Twitter for the exact dat. I am 90% sure our anniversary date is during the spring or summer. She is on the PFO and serves as vice president. She is also a co-director and co-producer for the Listen To Your Mother annual live reading event.

I can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @BgKahuna
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Thank you for reading. I’m looking forward to sharing more articles and family adventures with you. So where are you from? Got a blog?

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