Life Coaching Your Kids


If you’re a parent, you’re a life coach to your kids

How do you inspire your kids to challenge themselves? What do you do?
If you’re a parent, you’re a life coach to your child. Your job is to teach them to make good life choices. From family life, friendships to school and sport activities.

Every parent wants what’s best for their child. At least I hope they do. Kids are around us, the parents, for most of the time before they are teenagers. We need to lead by example. Lead by example in how we treat our spouse, other people we know and other people we don’t know. Think about that. How do you treat strangers? If you’re rude to majority of the people you come into contact with, how do you think your kid will treat other people? They will treat other in the manner they have seen how their parents treat other. They mimic us and our actions.

Same with sport activities. With out young kids, being really competitive is not very important to them right now. Michelle and I are more interested in having the kids trying and not giving up on the activity. If we sign you up, we expect you to complete the season. We just want to attempt the activity. When the kids want to quit a sport or activity, the life coach part of us has to remind our children about the first time the went to gymnastics class. Or the first time they rode a bike. They had to practice to get better. The important thing is they tried on their own and learned something. Even if they failed, we try and make it a learning experience. We share with them that a lot of people are good at thing because they worked to improve. They worked to get better. This is not limited to sports. This mentality will carry over into other aspects of their life.

It seems parents are doing all the work for their kids. How are children supposed to learn to think on their own if the kids are not being left to do this one their own? Critical thinking can be treated the same way. We have to help our kids exercise their brain.

Practice makes perfect.
I’m not claiming to be a parenting expert. I just think it’s important to let children learn these skills when they’re young.

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