The Truth – from A Certain Point of View: A Star Wars Theory.


I have tried really hard to avoid Star Wars spoilers. I’ve watched the trailers, but I have pretty much avoided everything else.

And then Luke was absent from the movie poster.

“Who’s more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?”

I already have my tickets purchased. Yes, I’m that guy. No, I didn’t buy them the night they were released. I had enough patience to purchase them the following morning.

When the prequels came out, I scoured the internet looking for every clue, spoiler, and hint of what was to come. I found whole scripts (which turned out to be both really good and fake). I found “trailers”. I found on set “photos”. Websites with inside scoops. And almost all of them were wrong.

In many ways the journey to the story was the thrilling part of the adventure. But, this time I want it to be different. So I have avoided the spoilers. I haven’t looked for the scripts, and I haven’t delved into the conversations. I’m going to allow myself to be surprised.

And then Luke was missing from the poster. And pretty much the trailer.

I’m two months away from the movie. I have made it this far. You can’t Force me to. I won’t. I can’t.

Okay, I have a theory.

(If you are stronger than I and don’t want to drift down the Dark Side, stop reading. I don’t know anything. This is simply speculation, but the Dark Side clouds everything. Keep reading and it could lead you down a path from which you cannot return. You’ve been warned.)

It is your destiny, read on.

I broke down and read two articles.

One article claimed, and strongly argued that Luke had indeed gone to the Dark Side and was the new villain, Kylo Ren. Another article seems to debunk that point of view and tries to dissuade you from thinking Luke is evil.

And now I am wondering if both are off. Yoda always said (I knew some day I would write that phrase) that “always two there are. A Master and an Apprentice.” This was in reference to the Sith.


What is Luke is not Kylo Ren, but has turned to the Dark Side? What if Luke has assumed the role of the Master and Kylo Ren is someone still related to the Skywalker bloodline. Like maybe Darth Vader’s grandson…or granddaughter.

What if Kylo Ren is one of the Solo children?

I could really bore you with the books I’ve read (that are no longer considered cannon, but hey they were entertaining), but I think I will keep this simple.

The voiceover is Luke’s quote from Return of the Jedi when he is revealing all the people in his family who were strong in the Force. Meanwhile, during the trailer, we get an image of a melted Vader mask.

Why did that survive the fire? Did Luke save it?

Kylo Ren seems to be invested in “finishing what you (Vader) started”. Almost like a young child hoping to extend a legacy. Did Luke teach a niece or nephew the ways of the Force and lead them down a dark path? Keep in mind, Anakin’s original goal was to bring “peace” to his Empire. There was a hint of twisted nobility in his wicked plot. And as we saw in the end – there was still good in him. Is that enough to turn a young child who has never met his/her own grandfather and has only heard tales? Did Luke soften the tales to protect his father’s legacy?

So many questions. So many opportunities. In the end, I simply hope this is a good movie.

Keep in mind, I have no answers. I have no clues. This is simply the truth – from a certain point of view.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters December 18th. Hope you make it until then. I hope I make till then.

May the Force be with you.

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