A Not-So-Magic School Bus Ride

With summer slowly coming to an end, my social media pages are filling up with photos of parents escorting their children onto buses as they start their first day of school. Unlike their teenage brethren, the little ones invariably have huge smiles on their faces while the parents try to hide their anxiety as they usher … Read moreA Not-So-Magic School Bus Ride

7 Thoughts Too Big to Tweet and Too Small to Blog 3.1

I was watching the sun set last night when a thought came unbidden to mind. It occurred to me that at precisely the same moment, somewhere in the world, a person I never met was looking at the exact same sun; only to him, it was rising. I guess I was always aware of this fact, … Read more7 Thoughts Too Big to Tweet and Too Small to Blog 3.1

Camp Unbroken

So there I was… face-to-face with a potentially homicidal maniac who was for the moment held captive in a steel cage that from the looks of it wouldn’t hold him back long. From past horrific experiences, I knew what he was capable of, but I had been tasked by my superiors with returning him to quarters. … Read moreCamp Unbroken

My Bunnymoon (Part Two)

(we pick up our story halfway through the author’s wedding reception 25 years ago) So there I was… awkwardly stuffing dollar bills into a middle-aged woman’s waistband in a feeble attempt to coax her down from the table she was dancing on at my reception because that’s how they roll in Northwest Ohio. Other than … Read moreMy Bunnymoon (Part Two)

The Dragon Wagon

Now that I’m firmly entrenched in my middle age years, I feel strongly that it is my right, nay, my duty, to point out at every opportunity exactly what’s wrong with young people today. This time the focus is on their cars. As I look around at what these whippersnappers are cruising around in, I … Read moreThe Dragon Wagon

A Firecracker of a Story

So there I was, wearily walking into my kitchen on the morning of July 5. I was recovering from a busy family-filled weekend of celebrating our nation’s independence and my nephew’s seventh birthday party. Looking for a place to rest my cereal bowl, I couldn’t help noticing how strange my teenage son Daniel’s brand new … Read moreA Firecracker of a Story

Two Extremes Tuesday

So there I was on a bitterly cold Tuesday morning in February. It was just like the beginning of any other work day. Except, by the time I’m done with my commute, I will be nearly blinded by incomprehensible rage. To be truthful, the whole thing really started about two weeks before when my wife … Read moreTwo Extremes Tuesday

Love Rollercoaster

So, there I was, pretending to clean the rear quarters of a fiberglass giraffe for the upteenth time in the past hour. I had just struck out again in my quest to find suitable female companionship for the evening; but little did I know that fate was about to slip me an ace which would change my life … Read moreLove Rollercoaster

“Your Life” – Emphasis needed

I sure wish someone would tell me when parenting becomes easier.  I really thought once my kids could complete the whole going-to-bed cycle themselves, I was pretty much in the clear. Yet, every age seems to bring with it a fresh set of anxiety-ridden angst. For example, my oldest son Jack is a freshman in college. He … Read more“Your Life” – Emphasis needed