The Ups and Downs of San Francisco (Dad 2.0 Summit)

I woke up that morning to zero degree temps and a frozen bathroom sink pipe. Next, my wife called to tell me her 24 hour shift at work had just ended and her car wouldn’t start. I was scheduled to leave on an airplane in an hour. “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.” She said. She … Read moreThe Ups and Downs of San Francisco (Dad 2.0 Summit)

Sundays and Tuesdays- Where Kids Eat Free at Scotty’s Brewhouse

*SPONSORED POST* On Sundays and Tuesdays, Scott Wise owner of Scotty’s Brewhouse, goes all Oprah Winfrey for kids at his restaurants. “You get free corn dogs!” “You get a free cheeseburger!” “All of you kids get free drinks with your meals!” Scotty’s has it figured out. It’s expensive for a family to go out to … Read moreSundays and Tuesdays- Where Kids Eat Free at Scotty’s Brewhouse

Love Rollercoaster

So, there I was, pretending to clean the rear quarters of a fiberglass giraffe for the upteenth time in the past hour. I had just struck out again in my quest to find suitable female companionship for the evening; but little did I know that fate was about to slip me an ace which would change my life … Read moreLove Rollercoaster

Toddler Time at Sky Zone

I guess the secret is out. Toddler Time at Sky Zone, in Fishers, is no longer under any stay-at-home parent’s radar. This morning I walked into the gigantic indoor trampoline park, 10 minutes before they opened, and waited in line behind approximately 20 sets of parents and toddlers. You see, on Friday mornings at 10 and at … Read moreToddler Time at Sky Zone

Hello World…A First Post About Me And My Family

Hello! My name is Leilan, AKA BgKahuna. I’m a dad to two fantastic children and an awesome wife. The Monkey, AKA MaM, is nine year old and The Fox, AKA AFM, is six. There’s also my wife of 14 years, AKA Gotchababy. These are the main cast of characters in my life. Yes, cast of … Read moreHello World…A First Post About Me And My Family

Allow Myself to Introduce…Myself

I’d like to thank the guys, Jason and Creed, for saving me a seat here in the Balcony. I’m not sure how they’re going to Photoshop me into all those “buddy” pictures they have with one another, but I guess I’ll leave that up to Jason. I won’t bore you with too much information about … Read moreAllow Myself to Introduce…Myself

“Your Life” – Emphasis needed

I sure wish someone would tell me when parenting becomes easier.  I really thought once my kids could complete the whole going-to-bed cycle themselves, I was pretty much in the clear. Yet, every age seems to bring with it a fresh set of anxiety-ridden angst. For example, my oldest son Jack is a freshman in college. He … Read more“Your Life” – Emphasis needed

7 Thoughts Too Big to Tweet and Too Small to Blog 3.0

A weird thought I had the other day, what if dogs exploded spontaneously when they died? All of their other positive traits like loyalty would still be the same, except they just blow up upon their demise. Not a huge explosion, just enough to blow out all the windows in your living room.  The stress … Read more7 Thoughts Too Big to Tweet and Too Small to Blog 3.0

When I’m a Grandpa Someday…

As I notice there are more years in the rear-view mirror than over the hood, I can’t help thinking about some day becoming a grandfather. I’ve been told often that it is truly the best of times. You can get the little ones all riled up, and when they refuse to go down for their naps, … Read moreWhen I’m a Grandpa Someday…

How to Fix Sports in 2015

With the turning over of another year, it behooves us to take a closer look at how we spend our scant free time. Despite the blistering cold, for many of us January remains a hot month for sports viewing. With bowl games, NFl playoffs and college basketball heating up, this month doesn’t have to be … Read moreHow to Fix Sports in 2015