Toddler Time at Sky Zone

Toddler Time at Sky Zone

I guess the secret is out.

Toddler Time at Sky Zone, in Fishers, is no longer under any stay-at-home parent’s radar. This morning I walked into the gigantic indoor trampoline park, 10 minutes before they opened, and waited in line behind approximately 20 sets of parents and toddlers. You see, on Friday mornings at 10 and at 11, they have Toddler Time. These are two designated times where only kids under the age of 5 and their caregivers are welcome.  The best part of Toddler Time for is, you pay for your toddler and your admission is free.

The short wait was definitely worth it. Once we checked in, paid, and put on our extremely grippy and stylish?! Skysocks, we were ready to jump. I learned my lesson years ago, the key to a successful hour at Sky Zone is pacing ones self. You must pace yourself or you’ll be face down in the foam pit in the first ten minutes.

Our first destination was the main trampoline area. It was a comical sight watching fifty or so toddlers and their parents run, jump, dance, fall, and bounce from trampoline to trampoline. The employees in this area hand out “pool noodles” to the kids are willing to sword fight those that are up for a challenge.

photo 2
A Sky Zone employee losing a sword fight to several attacking toddlers.

Across from the main area, there is a dodge ball court where you can throw semi-soft foam balls around. It’s a good place to take out the morning’s frustrations on your kids. If you’re still mad they wouldn’t eat the breakfast you made them, pelt them with a dodge ball. They will think it’s funny and you will feel better about yourself.

photo 1
…approximately one second before I take a dodge ball to the face.

There are other cool things to do there, like trampoline into the giant foam pit and attempt to dunk on the extra high basketball hoop.

It’s been a favorite place of mine on Fridays for the past year, I like it so much in fact, that we had an Indy Dads Group meet up there this past week. It wasn’t too easy to talk and interact with other dads during the jumping, but since they have a concessions stand, we were able to hang around, eat some pizza, and talk a little bit afterward.

photo 3
Indy Dads Group

Finally the best part about Sky Zone, it completely burns up a kid’s energy. Going there all but guarantees a nap for the entire family when you get home. That is if the kids don’t fall asleep in the car on the way home instead.

-Balcony Pete

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  1. Toddler trampoline joust! Awesome. Looks like the closest one to me is Rocklin, CA. I’m gonna petition for a closer franchise. Do you hear me, Sky Zone?! DO YOU HEAR SAN FRANCISCO?!?! 🙂

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