Parenting advice you might be missing…

There is a struggle in parenthood that they don’t publicize. Few people talk about this phenomena – maybe because they are struggling with it as well. But it is real, my friends. It is real, and it is time that we pay it the attention it is due. I don’t know if it has a name, maybe I should name it, but it needs to be identified.
You see, there’s this extra voice that speaks to you as a parent, an extra child, that constantly demands your attention.
No, it’s not a case of taking an extra child home from the hospital, or receiving someone else’s kid in a “player to be named later” type deal for a stack of cloth diapers. It’s simpler than that- it’s your inner child.
My favorite Disney movie is, appropriately, Peter Pan. Peter swears to never grow up. At some point I took the same oath.
Now, let’s not get confused here, this does not mean that I run around in pirate gear all day chasing my shadow.
Instead, what it means to me is that I remember the hopes and dreams that I had when I was my kids’ ages. I also remember the fears. The questions. The curiosity.
I don’t want this kid to grow up. He has made me a better parent. He has helped me to realize when I may have grown out of touch with what my kids are going through. He has advised me to take a step back and listen. Sometimes he has told me to just breathe and enjoy the sunshine. He tells me to put the phone down and play with the toys and the kids. Sometimes, despite the fact that he is the voice of a child, he is more mature than I am acting. Sometimes his perspective is clearer.
I guess it stands to reason that this extra voice is good for us and good for our children. Life is less scary when they see us enjoying it. Learning is more fun when they realize that we don’t know all the answers. Discovery is less intimidating when they realize they aren’t the only ones on a journey.
So, I challenge you. Talk to your inner child today and listen. Just listen. It might be the most authentic, and honest, internal monologue you have ever had.
Just don’t stay in Neverland:)


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