The Golden Age of Geekdom

The Golden Age of Geekdom

The picture at the bottom of this post is of a post-it that a student stuck on my door. It may be a welcome sign for some and a warning for others. In the meantime, it helped me to recognize something.

I am a geek.

I wasn’t as a kid. I loved Star Wars and Superman, but didn’t really read comics. I would watch movies and cartoons. My favorite character was Chewbacca. I would stuff towels in my shirts for muscles and in the back to replicate capes.

But now. I am a geek.

I am actually giddy that Sony and Marvel came to an agreement about shared custody of Spider-Man – because that makes the storyline for the Captain America Civil War movie that much more compelling.

Wait. You don’t know what I’m talking about? I don’t really have time to explain.

However, what I can tell you is that this is the Golden Age of Geekdom. This is akin to the time of the Yankees and the Murderers Row, the classic Lakers and Celtics battles, the Browns of the 60’s. Between the TV series launching for both DC and Marvel, and the lineup of movies that have been announced through 2017, AND the return of the Star Wars franchise.

My inner geek almost can’t take it.

I almost jealous of my students, my geeks in training, that have so much to look forward to and the time to fully enjoy it.

In the meantime, I am planning my visits to the comic book store, and the movie theater for special premieres.

Still don’t understand what I’m talking about? There’s still time to jump on the superhero bandwagon. There’s still time to come to the Dark Side. Don’t miss out on this Golden Age. Some of the world’s greatest myths retold…at a theater, screen, or comic book near you.


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