#FrozenChefMadness — Welcome to Munch Madness

#FrozenChefMadness — Welcome to Munch Madness


Every March I find myself traumatized by another woefully awful bracket. Within a few days, my “answer sheet” has become a red ink deposit and a new scrap sheet of paper for my daughter to color. What makes the games that follow more palatable? Snacks. Fortunately, March is also Frozen Food Month and a perfect time to discover EasyHomeMeals.com

When you visit Easy Home Meals, you can quickly devise a game plan for quick recipes and meals that you can tailor to the needs and tastes of your family. Like a coach calling plays, you can develop a game winning plan that is tasty and saves you time.

Frozen foods include delicious produce, perfectly-portioned meals, a variety of cuisines and dishes to meet strict dietary needs. They also offer great value, from perfectly-portioned meals to ingredients and produce that leave nothing to waste. The freezer aisle comprises 3,700+ different, delicious foods ranging from nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables to decadent ice creams and novelties. This means that your possibilities for creating the perfect snack are virtually endless!

People want real, simple, nutritious, delicious, affordable and customizable meals and snacks and all of these wants can be met in the freezer aisle.

Speaking of the “perfect snack” – Life of Dad and The National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association have joined forces in the #FrozenChefMadnessChallenge. I have been selected to be one of 16 bloggers competing against each other to show their dominance as “The Frozen Chef”.

However, the beauty of this is that anyone can participate in the promotion and has the opportunity to win an $800 Visa Giftcard! Here are the details:

Go to http://easyhomemeals.lifeofdad.com/. This is where you enter. It’s an important first step.
Next –
1. Create and photograph your own recipe using at least three items from the Easy Home Meals menu

2. Share the photo of your image on INSTAGRAM and email it to EasyHomeMeals@lifeofdad.com
3. Become a member of Life of Dad. LifeofDad.com/join

Grand prize – $800
Second Place – $250
Third – $150
Fourth Place – $100

So welcome to Munch Madness. Think you have game? Join the promotion and show us your skills. I will be sharing my game winning recipe later this week. Until then, beat the shot clock and visit your local frozen food aisle and score big!

****I have partnered with Life of Dad, LLC for the#FrozenChefMadness promotion. Sponsored by NFRA ( https://www.nfraweb.org/), the #FrozenChefMadness promotion gives anybody the chance to win a $800 Visa gift card.



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