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Jackie: The Movie Review

As the lights went down in the theater before the beginning of Jackie, I suddenly realized that my only impressions of Jackie Kennedy came from still pictures and muted newsreel footage which left me with no idea what her voice actually sounded like. Then, once Natalie Portman started speaking as the titular character, it was so strange and off-putting that

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A Fan of La La Land

To start off, I must admit this holiday season has reignited my love affair with the movies. Over the past ten days, I’ve seen Rogue One, Fences, Dr. Strange, and La La Land.  Of all of these, the latter is certainly the one that will stay with me the longest. Not that the others were bombs, far

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Sing: A Review

For weeks now my children have been begging to see Sing. On Christmas Eve we acquiesced and took the children to the theater (for those keeping track – this was my fifth trip to the theater over break:). I judge kids movies with a simple barometer – I listen to the laughter. A strong kids’

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7 Thoughts Too Big to Tweet and Too Small to Blog 3.2

This is another in a series of ideas I’ve had that would take too long to explain in a tweet but aren’t long enough to merit the full-out blog treatment. 1) My family has been instructed that at the moment of my demise, they are to immediately dress my body up in a complete Superman

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