Living On (and Over) the Edge

So there I was… at the magical age of seven and on the roof of my garage, peering over the side and wondering if I could jump off and survive when my brother provided me with the answer – in the most direct way possible. Growing up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the odds that any … Read moreLiving On (and Over) the Edge

“Once Around the Horn!”

So there I was… at the tender age of eight, sleeping happily when my restful slumber was disrupted by the deep, basso voice of my father from the living room. “Jason! Once around the horn!” Sighing loudly, I would then drag myself out of bed to go downstairs, which was always freezing because during the … Read more“Once Around the Horn!”

That Wasn’t in the Comic Book

So there I was… enjoying an opening night performance of the new superhero caper, The Wolverine. Hugh Jackman, who was so defined he must be using dictionaries as barbells, was doing his thing as the titular character. Namely, kicking the bad guy’s butts all over Japan with slashing claws, a dry wit, and a little mousse. … Read moreThat Wasn’t in the Comic Book