Runway Teacher

Runway Teacher

I work with some very fashionable colleagues (my blogging partner in crime, Jason, being one of them). Some of these folks look like they could appear on the cover of some education edition of style. Me? Not so much.

So I enlisted the help of my friends at Lee, and for two days I played the role (unbeknownst to my students, colleagues, and wife) of (dramatic music) The Runway Teacher.


There is a theory that our clothes are merely costumes for the daily role that we play, and that we determine how that role is perceived. Well, on the first day I wanted a more casual day, an easing from the weekend into the weekday – thus the use of the Weekend Chinos.

I try to make Mondays fun days (yes, I really am annoying like that in person). We kick the week off with what I call “Music Mondays” (unless we are completing a project from the previous week). On these otherwise arduous days, we use a music video to introduce, analyze, or explore some literary device. My attempt to connect with something students are familiar with in order to present new information.

Tuesdays, can be a bit more formal, it is the day before a weekly quiz, so on this particular day I decided to step it up a notch and rock a shirt and tie with the Total Freedom Flat Front pant. I think I looked formal without looking stuffy. (Shhh…and they are wrinkle free . Bonus for those late mornings. Just say’n.)

Payday Fridays are bonus days because they are jeans days – which I have started dubbing “Lee Days”. There might not be a more comfortable day in class.

I guess it is true that our clothes are costumes, and that our characters may range from day to day. My character likes to keep things comfortable…and is getting better at the stylish part.

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