I am Spider-Man.


I love the last line of the first Iron Man movie- “I am Iron Man.” It has to be fun and empowering to make a statement like that- it’s like saying, “Dude, I’m a superhero.”

How cool would it be to be a superhero? Which one would you pick?

I have been a HUGE Spider-Man fan since I was knee high to a grass hopper. I am currently sitting outside of my local comic book store waiting for the start to Free Comic Book Day to begin hoping to grab a mag or two of my favorite friendly neighborhood superhero.

It’s one thing to read about him, but it is another thing to get a chance to be him.

Thanks to my good friends at Hasbro, I had an opportunity to take a sneak peek at some of the new Spider-Man line for the new movie that premiered last night. And these toys are awesome.


The Electronic Spider Sense Mask is pretty cool. It fits the little kids and the big (adult) kids in your life. It has a button that lights up a portion of the mask that reflects on the two discs it comes with. A fun and creative way of experiencing the Spidey sense!

I also received the Infinites Legend Spider-Man 6 in. action figure. My kids love it. You can fully manipulate his limbs and interchange his hands – giving you the power to create/recreate any story with the web slinger you could possibly wish. He has already been on a number of adventures in our home.

Don’t underestimate the power of play and imagination. Role-playing toys are fun and easy ways for kids (and adults) to build their own storyline and get the chance to be a superhero.

Trust us – we are the Avengers of fun:)


Disclosure- I did receive the materials from Hasbro for review. I was not paid for my words. This post and my thoughts are my own. And, yes, sometimes I wear the mask around the house. It is comfortable.

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