37 Million Americans can use your help.

37 Million Americans can use your help.


I have the honor and privilege of working with The Great American Milk Drive Campaign.

Last week I was invited to the kickoff of the Great American Milk Drive at the City Harvest in New York City. It was an amazing experience.

At the event, nutritionist Ellie Krieger and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (of ABC’s Mordern Family) headlined the announcement. A number of facts were provided – but this was the biggest: A Feeding America survey showed that 95% of food banks surveyed did not receive enough milk to meet the demands of those they serve. Let’s put this in perspective- over 37 million Americans are served annually by the Feeding America program. They receive, on average, less than a gallon of milk per person PER YEAR.

Less than a gallon of milk per person per year!

The Great American Milk Drive is the first program to address this shortage – and it was kicked off in style.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson entered the scene on a forklift surrounded by crates of milk. He then jumped on the stage and showed just how easy it is to donate milk! You have two choices – 1. Text in a $5 donation like Jesse did (from his pocket). Simply text “MILK” to 27722. Or 2. Hop on http://milklife.com/give and make a donation that route.

Every dollar of your donation goes to purchasing and delivering milk to hungry families through the Feeding America network.

The Great American Milk Drive needs you. Make a donation and spread the word. Like Jesse said at the launch- you don’t need to climb a forklift to do it. You can make a difference with a short text from your phone.

While I was not compensated for this post, Life of Dad accounted for my travel and hotel stay. My thoughts and views are my own.

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