My “Easy Decision”

My “Easy Decision”


It is odd to see daylight this time of year. Let me rephrase that, it is odd for the sun to still be shining when I get home this time of year. For the last 17 years, I have been a coach – a baseball coach, track coach, basketball coach, and even, over a decade ago, (during a two year period of desperation on the part of my A.D when he just needed “a warm body”) a cross country coach.

There are a number of decisions that you make as a coach- anything from filling out the roster, to starting lineups, to practice schedules, lineup maneuvers – the list goes on and on. Some of the decisions you get a lot of time to make, and some are snap decisions based on knowledge and experience.

I chuckled when I saw the new Dove Men+Care commercial featuring Villanova head basketball coach, Jay Wright. In it, the interviewer asks him one question – the option to choose between the Dove Men+Care product and another brand that cleans, but doesn’t offer the same protection and care that the Dove Men+Care wash does. Coach Wright makes the Easy Decision and opts to go with the product that offers more care. At the end he seems baffled by the fact that he is asked to make such an easy call. As a coach you cherish those opportunities. We call those “no brainier” situations.

As a father, I was faced with a similar decision- an Easy Decision- whether to continue coaching or take a break so that I could better care for my young kids. I opted to provide better care by being home earlier to facilitate time to play, draw, read books, and enjoy meals together. This was an Easy Decision for me in that regard because it was what my family needed.

To be clear, this doesn’t mean that I think parents of young children, or any age children for that matter, shouldn’t coach or work beyond a certain time. What it does mean is that in my situation this was what was best for my family. Coaching is not my profession, it was an extra activity, that I loved (and still do), and will return to again someday.

In the meantime, I get to spend more time being my favorite kind of coach – a dad.

Dove Men+Care has been celebrating both March Madness and fatherhood for the past four plus years. And this year, they are giving me the opportunity to watch somebody else do the coaching! I am grateful to the team at Dove Men+Care for giving both Jason and I the opportunity to go to the Regional Round of the NCAA March Madness tournament here in Indianapolis.


My Tournament Decisions have been a bit poor this year, but, as always, the Madness is entertaining and I look forward to watching two teams battle it out on the court for the right to make it to the Final Four.

Whether or not you are a parent, or a coach, or a player – if you are looking for an Easy Decision – go ahead and drop a bottle of Dove Men+Care in your shopping cart. More care is better. Opt for the Easy Decision.

While I was not compensated for my thoughts or this post, I was given complimentary tickets to the Regional Round of the NCAA Men’s Tournament. My thoughts are my own.


9 thoughts on “My “Easy Decision””

  1. it’s amazing to see a brand sending father’s along with their family to have such profound experiences like going to the NCAA Tourney. have a blast buddy!

  2. I have never coached a team at my school. I can see it is a big responsibility. I am sure it does offer a good way to work with kids and they do appreciate it.
    I was however the faculty advisor to the school newspaper for three years. I enjoyed it to some degree but was more than fine to let it go.
    Btw, I was at my school’s baseball team today. I was talking to a teacher who used to coach. He told me it was tough, challenging but fun.

    • Larry, school newspaper is no joke! That’s a different type of pressure, but lots of decisions and pressure nonetheless. And I wholeheartedly agree – being a coach or advisor to a group is a fun way to see kids outside of the classroom.

  3. You’re going to miss the coaching a little bit I bet. I’m glad to hear you plan to get back into it some day. I coach my little boy’s baseball team and it’s a lot of work that people don’t appreciate sometimes. I have a new respect for all the men and women who took the time to coach me at some point. Have fun at the games!

    • Don, you are right. I do miss it. It was an easy decision, but unfortunately not one without “consequences”. I respect you for coaching your son’a team- in many ways that is more difficult, I think, than coaching in general. Thanks for the kind words and for reading.

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